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A big deal with God

Conversation with God is the sign of a healthy relationship with the almighty. He speaks to us through His Word and we speak to Him in prayer. Our Bibles illustrate this in the lives of all faithful servants of God.

Intercessory prayer was a large part of the lives of Moses, David, Jeremiah and Paul, to name a few. Only eternity will reveal how many other saints, have been faithful intercessors

Successful spiritual leaders have always been supported by a team of faithful prayer warriors.

Pastor's Prayer Partners is a modern manifestation of intercessory prayer. It began in a large west coast church in the 1970's and was promoted by the Promise Keeper movement.

Men were challenged to pray for their pastors, to stand against the design of the enemy to destroy their ministries.

Pastor's prayer Partners at Grace is a lay driven, lay led ministry. This group is composed of men of all ages who are committed to pray for our spiritual leaders.


*Pray daily for Pastors*

*Pray once a month during Sunday Worship*

*Attend Quarterly Prayer Breakfast*

*Attend Annual Retreat*

*Encourage each other*

The Prayer partners are a team of men committed to praying for our pastors and spiritual leaders and interceding on their behalf.

We independently pray daily for our pastors, spiritual leaders and for the requests and needs of the church body.

Prayer partners meet on Sunday mornings to pray throughout the service. We also challenge each other, pray together and meet for prayer breakfasts every 3rd month of the year.

Pastors' Prayer Partners

~Coordinated by Mike~

First of all, then, I urge that supplications,
prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving
be made for all people, for Kings and
all who are in high positions."

1 Timothy 2:1

~Quarterly Breakfast' are organized by Jim~


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Prayer Partners Schedule

Nov 5Bruce V, Curt B, Dick J
Nov 12Bill B, Seth, Paul C
Nov 19Dick H, Josh D, Ken K
Nov 26Mike R, Jim B, Bruce H
Dec 3Doug B, Mike H, Bruce V
Dec 10Rich P, Josh D, Dick J
Dec 17Phil, Mike B, Joe C
Dec 24Jorge, Ted, Bob B
Dec 31Bruce H, Jeremy R, Gordy