Application Procedure


Facilities Use Policy
It is our intent that the church facilities be used primarily for activities consistent with our Mission Statement: “Grace Community Church is an outreach ministry dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of grace to a lost world and to the spiritual growth of believers in the family of God.”

Use Rules
The entire church campus is tobacco and alcohol free.
Red punch is prohibited inside church facilities, with the exception of the pavilion.
Groups are responsible for their own set-up and take-down of tables and chairs.
Paper products/plates/utensils in the kitchen are for official church use only.
Musical instruments/sound system are not to be used without specific permission.
Outside speakers must be pre-approved by the church board.
No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.
Set up for Sunday events cannot occur before 1:00pm.
Tables and chairs are not to leave the building.

Following Use
Return any tables and chairs to their storage location.
Remove trash and place in the trash cans on the north side of the building.
Clean kitchen if used, to include removing leftover food.
Vacuum and mop floors of used areas.
Clean obvious messes in restrooms.
Ensure lights are turned off (except those on motion switches).
Lock doors prior to leaving.

Facility Request Procedure
            To request use of any of Grace’s facility, please complete a Facility Use Request form and return it to the church office. Once approved, submit a check for the total fee to the church office to confirm. Dates will not be reserved until confirmed.


Rental Fees:

Rooms Requested
Fee Charged
Entire Facility
Activity Room (Gym)
$ 50.00
Fellowship Hall
$ 50.00
$ 50.00
Sound Technician
$ 50.00 first hour / $20.00 for each hour after
*No Fee will be chargedfor Funerals or Ministry Events

Dedicated to Proclaiming the gospel of grace

To a lost world & to the spiritual growth

of believers in the family of god

 Application for Building and Facility Usage

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