Application for Building and Facility Usage

Grace Community Church

9920 Reed Rd, Howard City, MI 49329

Phone 231.937.6440     Fax 231.937.6833

Application Procedure


Church sponsored activities will have priority over non-church sponsored activities.

  1. Groups within the Church.                                                                     ~ Special meetings, activities and programs of the boards or other church organizations require first checking with the church office to avoid conflict with other events and to have the meeting recorded on the church calendar.
  2. Requests Originating from the Outside (including members requesting for non-church functions)                                                                                 ~All non-church use of facility must be sponsored by a church member who will be held responsible.                                                                           ~ All requests for use of the church facility shall be made by completing the attached application and submitting it to the church secretary who will determine if the requested facilities are available on the date requested. The church office shall maintain a calendar of facility use and keep all applications on file.                                                                        ~ All non-church use of facility must be sponsored by a church member.    ~The church office shall refer the application to the Trustees. The Trustees shall evaluate the request for consistencies with the policy.                     ~ All requests for building use must be approved by the Board of Trustees in advance or by the pastor on short notice. 
  3. The church office will notify the staff and the requester of approval at the earliest opportunity.
  4. All Saturday activities must be finished and out of the building by 4pm to allow preparation time for Sunday morning services.

Fee Schedule:

Weddings:            Rental            Cleaning Deposit that will be refunded
Showers, Open Houses:


MembersNo Charge
No Charge

 Note: Tables and Chairs transported to Pavilion by staff.

Facilities Use Rules

It is our intent that the church facilities be used primarily for activities consistent with our

Mission statement: 

  • The entire facility and particularly the sanctuary should be treated with respect and not abused.

 The following rules and procedures must be observed by those using church facilities.

 Basic Rules:

  • No smoking in the building; no alcoholic beverages or drugs on the property
  • No pets in the building
  • Children and youth in the building must be adequately supervised at all times
  • Post notices only on bulletin boards and easels
  • Provide your own refreshments; clean up completely
  • Irrational or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated
  • The use of red punch is not permitted.
  • All facilities must be left clean after each use.                                      ~ Floors vacuumed                                                                                ~ Floors mopped                                                                                  ~ Kitchen & Bathroom areas cleaned                                                              ~ Trash removed to the dumpster
  • Any furniture (piano, organ, podiums, tables, etc…) that is moved must be moved back to its original placement
  • Please use silk rose petals in favor of real petals in wedding ceremonies as real petals can stain the carpet
  • Please use birdseed or bubbles, etc… in favor of rice for weddings.
  • Do not throw birdseed, etc… inside the building
  • Hand held candles are not allowed in the Sanctuary as wax can drip on the pews and floors.

Pastor or Trustee approval is required for any of the following:

  • The church building unlocked without a responsible church member present
  • Food or beverage in the sanctuary (other than enclosed water bottle)
  • Storage of material in the church building
  • Use of any musical instrument or electronic equipment
  • Use of kitchen appliances, large or small

Following each use:

  • If you unlock a door with a key, you must relock it with a key
  • Clean up all debris, bag all trash and put in parking-lot dumpster
  • Replace furniture and fixtures as you found them
  • Remove all materials, leaving nothing “stored” without prior Trustees approval.
  • Lights and fans off, all exterior doors locked - you will be penalized if left unlocked.
  • Return borrowed key as agreed
  • Report any breakage or equipment damage - you are liable

During Each use:
If there is more than one activity using the same building or other Church common area, be a good neighbor and respect other users.

Grace does not have full-time janitorial services – this is especially an issue when it comes to garbage. This means we need each group to clean up after themselves.

All youth activities must have adequate adult supervision. There must be at least 1 adult for every 8 youths. Youths must limit themselves to their assigned areas only. Wandering through the halls, other rooms, and moving into other areas of the building is strictly prohibited. Supervising adults are encouraged to periodically remind youths of these restrictions.

Emergency Scheduling Conflicts
The church reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of emergencies, such as funerals. Notice will be provided as early as possible.

Parking in the church parking lot or designated handicapped parking spaces is available only during the period of time that a group has contracted to use the facility. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis and excludes certain spots that may be specifically reserved at all times for staff of the church. Any damage to vehicles is at the owner’s expense; the church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

Our church works to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility. However, no systems are foolproof. We ask that all users pay close attention to personal   property and valuables, not leaving them unattended. The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

All decorations require prior approval of the Board of Trustees or their designee. Decorations may only be attached to wooden trim, and wooden doors with masking tape only. No decorating is permitted in the hallways. All such decorations must be removed immediately and completely following the event.


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