2nd/3rd Grade

MarMarc, Shelly
AprMarc, Shelly
MayAlta, Jonathan
JunAlta, Jonathan
JulGail, Kayla
AugGail, Kayla
SepAlta, Jonathan
OctAlta, Jonathan
NovMarc, Shelly
DecMarc, Shelly

4th/5th Grade

MarBobbi, Matthias
AprDerek, Jessica
MayScott, Barb
JunDerek, Jessica
JulBobbi, Matthias
AugDerek, Jessica
SepBobbi, Matthias
OctScott, Barb
NovBobbi, Matthias
DecScott, Barb

~Led by: Paul~

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Sunday School

Sunday Morning at 10:00am
~ Ages 3 through 5th Grade ~

Our Sunday morning children's ministry involves children from ages four through the fifth grade. Children are separated into classes by age: Preschool, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th.

 In order to involve whole families together, we schedule kids to be with their parents in the first portion of the morning worship sevice where they can sing and join in prayer together as a family. During the morning message the children are excused to their classes where they are team taught.

The goal of our children's ministry is to teach children about Jesus, help them gain knowledge of the Word of God and guide them in applying Biblical principles to their lives.

Materials used involve Biblical content enforced by Practical and fun projects that help kids retain the meaning of each lesson.


pre-K Grade

MarMike, Dawn, Ahkarree
AprWade, Renee, Naomi
MayJessica, Laura
JunJessica, Laura
JulMike, Dawn, Ahkarree
AugMike, Dawn, Ahkarree
SepWade, Renee, Naomi
OctWade, Renee, Naomi
NovJessica, Laura
DecJessica, Laura


MarJim, Liz, Kristi
AprShad, Lily
MayRaechel, Kim
JunJim, Liz, Kristi
JulShad, Lily
AugRaechel, Kim
SepJim, Liz, Kristi
OctShad, Lily
NovRaechel, Kim
DecJim, Liz, Kristi

Sunday School Schedule

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