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A Mentoring Program for the Tri County Area Schools

    The churches in the Tri County Area have come together and created the Tri County Mentoring Program (TCM) in order to better serve the schools and families in our community. We will be partnering with the Tri County Area Schools to provide mentors to work with students on an interpersonal level, and be positive role models in order to further encourage success within our schools and community.

Our commitment is to provide one mentor for one student, one hour a week, for one school year. For the protection of the students and mentors, all one-on-one sessions will be on school property in an open and visible area. The sessions will take place during school hours, thus eliminating the burden of transportation.

This one hour will be on the same day and time each week to establish consistency, structure, and easy scheduling. The purpose of the hour is not academic; however there may be times when a mentor has an opportunity to tutor a student. The mentor has the freedom to take the hour in whatever direction necessary to meet the needs of their student.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the following forms:  TCM Application         
(including background check and references) and send it to:

Program Director TCM
9920 N. Reed Road
Howard City, MI 49329

Program Contact:

Program Director – Rachel